Welcome to Trinity-Shades.com

A stylish new format of eyewear expressing Christian faith.

For when wearing a cross is not enough.

Holy Trinity ; Jesus the father, Jesus the son and Jesus the Holy spirit, like the shamrock with St. Patrick.

Trinity Shades is a not for profit business where people get paid for the work that they do and profits are either reinvested into the company or donated to nominated charities. The site will focus on selling one off and limited edition trinity shades world wide, designed and made in Ireland, the process being various chapters of Christian faith in Ireland, north and south design and assemble one off trinity crosses, photograph them and email me, I upload to site shop, market the site and when sales achieved I forward order and postage payment label to group concerned, they print it off and mail it to the customer. When confirmation by customer of delivery and that they are happy with the product, funds agreed will be paid to group concerned.
Materials, tools and training provided to assemblers after deposit paid to cover costs.
I envision that the many chapters of Christian faith in Ireland, north and south, can focus on common ground, like the Holy Trinity, and compete in a format like this site on quality and style, not to mention production records and database / market segment domination.